RTM Company Formation Package 1 - £99 + VAT

This is a basic RTM company formation which meets the minimum legal requirements of RTM company registration. It includes a Certificate of Incorporation printed onto Companies House approved paper which is required to open a bank account. It does not include a set of statutory registers which becomes a legal requirement as soon as the company has been formed and is therefore suitable for use in conjunction with a computerised statutory registers service.

Included in our RTM Company Formation Package 1 are the following items:-
Fast e-formation
Printed Certificate of Incorporation
Electronic copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association

RTM Company Formation Package 2 - £250 + VAT

This is a comprehensive RTM company formation which includes all the items in RTM Company Formation Package 1 plus the following items:-
4 bound copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
First Board Minutes to document the company's constitution
Second Board Minutes to appoint Bankers
Certificate of Non-Trading
Looseleaf Company Kit containing Statutory Registers, Minute Book and Membership Certificates

RTM Company Formation Package 3 - £350 + VAT

This is our top of the range RTM company formation which is designed specifically for RTM organisers who wish to spend the minimum amount of time attending to company matters. Included in RTM Company Formation Package 3 are all the items in RTM Company Formation Packages 1 and 2 plus the following items:-
Company Seal
Writing up the Statutory Registers and Membership Certificates
Procedural Guide on the Right to Manage

We form companies electronically with no forms to complete and no documents to sign. Companies are normally formed in 3 hours or less.

Our associate, Samuels & Co Solicitors, provides a complete legal service to acquire the right to manage.
Samuels & Co Solicitors also advise on freehold purchase and lease extension.
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